Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Trek Adventures?

High Trek Chelan is an aerial adventure park with a high ropes course and 2 ziplines and 4 outdoor axe throwing lanes. The course has over 60 aerial elements that guests will climb, balance, and swing through from heights of 10 to 45 feet above the ground.

Where is High Trek located?

We are located in the upper parking lot of Slidewaters waterpark. Our address is 106 Waterslide Dr, Chelan, WA, 98112. We are located about 1 mile from downtown Chelan. See how to navigate our site on the hours of operations page.

Is it safe?

All activities at height come with inherent risks. Without these integral risks, the activity would lose its value and appeal. With that said, the owners and staff of High Trek Adventures pride themselves on adhering to industry leading standards for construction, inspection, equipment and staff training. (For more on standards for our industry visit:

The course was built by Challenge Towers, an ACCT accredited vendor, which has been building aerial structures for over 20 years.

Before participating, each guest will be required to sign a waiver that explains the risks and guidelines for a trip through our park. Each guest will also be given an aerial orientation from trained staff before entering our course. We refer to this orientation as "Ground School". In Ground School, each guest will be introduced to equipment and course procedures from the ground. This orientation will help set up each guest's aerial experience for success.

How much time should I plan for this experience?

Tickets are sold in the 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour increments. For most visitors, 2 hours is plenty of time to explore the 60 obstacles covering over 1800 linear feet of challenges! You are able and encouraged to take breaks during this time to refresh yourself with snacks or water. You have the freedom to come back down to the ground or go back up on the course whenever you wish during those 2 hours. To experience it all, add in a round of axe throwing, our newest offering. Also, plan to come about 30 minutes early before your scheduled time so we can check you in and get you ready to go. This will maximize your time on the course.

What are the waiver requirements?

Every person who is going to get in the air will need to fill out a waiver before entering the course. Waivers are available online and on-site using the computers in our sales office. All guests under 18 will need their legal guardian to sign their waiver before getting in the air. Anyone 18 years or older must fill out their own waiver. No one will be able to climb into the air without having a completed digital waiver. There is no printing necessary here. Once you click "Submit" on your waiver, we have it in our system and you should be good to go. Waivers will be kept on file and are good for 1 year.

You will find the link to our online waiver at the bottom right corner of the screen on any page of our site where it says "Sign Our Waiver" (no need to scroll).

The organizer of large group events will be emailed a link to efficiently manage and collect waivers for a seamless check-in experience.

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended, but not required. Our courses do have a limited capacity and booking a reservation online will guarantee your access to the course. If you are a group of 10 or more participants, to claim a group discount you must reserve AT LEAST 48 hours in advance. Reservations will also make your check-in process more efficient, especially if the participant waivers are completed as well.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes, for groups of 10 or more, we allow for reservation changes outside of a week. For standard reservations, changes may may occur up to 48 hours prior to your reservation date and time at no charge. If the reservation is changed to a day or time when the price is higher you will be responsible for the difference in the ticket price.

- A 25% change fee will apply to all general admissions reservation changes within 48 hours of the scheduled event.

- A 25% change fee will apply to all group reservation changes within 1 week of the scheduled event.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, active clothing is recommended for your time in the air. Each guest will be moving around the course in a full-body harness. This means that guests will want to wear pants or longer shorts and full coverage shirts to ensure the most comfort while in the full-body harness. (You will be very active while in the air and you will want to wear the kind of clothing that will allow you to move with the most comfort and coverage possible.)

We do require closed toed shoes. This means no sandals or slip-ons. Jewelry and loose items are not allowed on the course. We also ask that long hair is secured in pony-tails. For more information see the "How to Be Prepared" section on each activity page.

Keep in mind that all activities are outdoors and that while in the air you will be exposed to whatever weather we happen to be experiencing that day. In cool weather we recommend having layers of clothing so you can layer up or down based on body temperature. You may also want to bring some glove liners to wear under the climbing gloves on cooler days.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

In the rare instance of heavy winds or lightning, we will temporarily suspend operations to ensure safety for the participants and will resume when the storm calms down. Guests should come prepared to play in the air. See "What should I wear?" for further details.

If aerial operations are cancelled by High Trek Adventures staff due to inclement weather (high winds, heavy rains, threat of lightning, icy conditions, wild fire, etc.), rain check vouchers will be given to guests to reschedule your activities.

What are the operating hours?

Hours are subject to change due to weather, holidays, and special events. We are typically open:
7 days a week in the summer
5 days a week in May, June, September
Friday, Saturday, Sunday in March, April and October
Please visit our Operating Hours Calendar for the current schedule.

Is there food or drink on site for purchase?

We have soft-drinks, bottled water, Vitamin Water, and other energy drinks available for purchase from our fridge. As far as snacks go, we have a selection of energy bars, chips, candy, and other local provisions to keep your energy level high. See our Snack Shack page for details.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed on the grounds around the park if they are on a leash.

What are the age, height, and weight requirements?

Yes we do have certain limitations on age and weight. All of these limitations are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Kids, ages 4 and up, can explore our Cadet's Course. Juniors, ages 7 to 9 years, can bump up their exploration to the Captains Course including zip lines as long as they are accompanied on the course by a responsible adult to assist them with transitions at each platform. We have also installed pegs on the poles to help you reach the cables and clip in.Adults and Young Adults, ages 10 and up, are encouraged to experience the Captain's Course on their own. Typically this age group is able to reach all belay cables on their own as they navigate and explore the course's three levels of elements.

We do not have any height restrictions for exploring the Cadet's Course. On the Captain's Course, participants should be able to reach 70" high. For example, if an individual is 4'4 tall or 52", they need to be able to reach about 18" above their head in order to qualify. Likewise, the Captain's Course design accommodates typical heights for guests 7 years and up.

Our maximum acceptable weight is 265 lbs. (120 kg) to participate on the Cadet's Course, the Captain's Course, or the Zip lines.

Can my child participate without me?

Yes, your child can explore High Trek Adventures Aerial Park without you if you (or they) want an individual experience.

The Cadet's Course, for ages 4+, allows kids to explore the course by themselves as long as they can reach the cables and as long as a responsible adult is present on the ground. Adults are also welcome to join their young ones in the Cadet's Course for a joint experience with the purchase of another Cadet's Course ticket.

Children who are 7 to 9 years old and want to journey into the Captain's Course must be accompanied on the course by a responsible adult or young adult (ie. teenager). This joint effort means the experience will be shared as the junior and the adult explore and make decisions together. The adult will be assisting the junior with equipment transitions in the air. Children ages 10+ can explore the Captain's Course on their own.Children under 14 are required to have parent/guardian supervision on the premises during their visit.

Can I take my GoPro or camera on the course?

Your cameras and phones are definitely encouraged for use from the ground and surrounding green space, but are not to be used in the air. In fact, your pockets must be emptied before you harness up and start ground school. This policy is in place for the safety of all those on the ground. If you have a GoPro, we can help you mount it to a helmet and you will be allowed to take your GoPro on the course and ziplines. We also have some helmets that have GoPro mounts on them already that you are welcome to use.We also have available GoPro's for you to rent during your visit. The rental of the camera includes a 16Gb thumb drive with all of your video footage from your visit. The rental fee is $20 for up to a 3 hour session. See the sales office for rental availability.

What equipment and gear do you provide?

We will provide you with leading technology for the aerial world. For an experience on our course, you will be provided a helmet, a pair of gloves, a full body harness, and a set of smart belay personal safety tethers. These items will be used to keep you connected to the course at all times.

No experience with this type of gear is necessary for admission into High Trek Adventures. If you are going to be a participant on our course, our staff will provide a course orientation to each of you each time you visit. This course orientation, or "Ground School", will instruct you on how to wear and use each piece of equipment before you go up on the course.

Can I use my own personal gear?

We will be providing you industry-leading equipment for your participate in this unique aerial environment. Save your climbing harnesses for your climbing adventures on real rock and gym routes.

Will the course be the right difficulty level for me?

High Trek Adventures offers all levels of difficulty including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

There are 3 levels to explore on our Captain's Course and each is color coded similar to that of ski resorts. Our beginner level is color coded green, our intermediate level is color coded blue, and our highest level is color coded black. The higher one climbs, the harder the aerial elements become.

There is 1 level to explore on our Cadet's Course and it is color coded yellow. It is geared towards children ages 4 and up and is a perfect entryway into the vertical world for those feeling nervous at height.

Is there a place for friends and family to observe?

Yes! Your friends and family can watch others trek through the course by strolling through our park on the ground. Our location is open to the public and is free for on-lookers. We want everyone to see the fun and challenges that await those who enter our aerial park. We have some adirondack chairs, picnic tables, a tented cover area in the cool/wet season and some shade sales up in the hot summer months so you you can watch your friends and family in comfort.  If you are going to walk under the course, you must wear a helmet.

How do I book?

Bookings can be made online.  You will need your credit or debit card information to create your booking. While advanced booking is preferred, it is not required. Walk-ins are welcome, space permitting.Any questions? Email us:

Will there be training?

After getting geared up, your facilitator will provide 15-20 minutes on how the equipment works along with course rules an instructions.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. We only ask that you share your photos and help get the word out about our service by mentioning High Trek Adventures or use #hightrekadventures.  We want to grow our social presence as we are still a young business so any sharing is appreciated!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates.  Most people prefer to purchase a voucher for our course.  They come in packs of 1, 2 or 4. Visit our voucher page to learn more. Others like to purchase an e-gift certificate for a specific dollar amount. The choice is yours.

Can we split payments among the group?

We understand that many people will want to split up the cost for the group.  Here are some ways:

1. Book online and pay in full and you can collect payment from your guests directly.  Apps like Paypal and Venmo work great for this.

2. If you call to book, we can set it up so you only pay a deposit equal to your portion and we can collect the balance from each of the other participants on the day of the event.

3. You can have each participant place an individual online order for the same time slot.

Do you host parties?

Yes! Trekking on a ropes course and ziplining are perfect activities for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building and more.For smaller groups (up to 20 guests), you can easily book an Ropes Course Party during regular business hours by going to the Parties Page and reserving your event.

For larger groups, or to book an event outside of regular business hours, fill out an inquiry form below.  We also offer other activities such as axe throwing and Slidewaters is located at the same property.

Large group parties are welcome to request a quote for a full venue rental.