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A team completes the mouse rescue initiative.

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If you are looking for a stellar team building event or a more casual team bonding/group morale experience, you've come to the right place. Submit your custom inquiry here and we'll reply with a customized quote for your group or team. Let us know your unique requests in the Event Description field.

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Corporate Team Building

If you are looking for adult team-building exercises for work, sports team, or another group or organization that you belong to, you've come to the right place.

High Trek is the go-to place for team building activities and challenges that will strengthen your group. Not only do we have fun team-building exercises, but you'll be strengthening communication, collaboration, problem-solving, trust, and many other skills that are paramount to organizational success and leadership development.

Review our Company Team Building Packages Below. Whether you have a large or small team, call or contact us by using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page to schedule your Team Building event.

Our exciting event packages include High Ropes Course and Ziplines, Ground Games and Activities and Axe Throwing.

Team Building Options

Our Most Popular Team Building Ticket

4 Hour Extended Play: Team Building + Ropes Course

Facilitated team building package with extended time to play.

90 Min. High Ropes Course & Ziplines

75+ Minutes Ground Activities

Per Team Member
Ages 12+
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* Pricing based on group sizes 7-19 participants.
Discounts available for larger groups.

3 Hour Extended Play: Team Building + Ropes Course

Facilitated team building package with extended time to play.

60 Min. High Ropes Course & Ziplines

75+ Minutes Ground Activities

Per Team Member
Ages 12+
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* Pricing based on group sizes 7-19 participants.
Discounts available for larger groups.

Team Building Package Info

Click here to download our team building flyer and share it with your manager or HR representative.

Benefits of Team Building Exercises?

Bring your group to High Trek Adventures to synergize ideas, energize efforts, and synchronize planning and goals... to maximize results!
Whether your group is a business, a department within a business, an athletics team, youth group or any other organization, High Trek Adventures’ Customizable Team Building Program is a solution that will have your team flying to new heights.

A team of computer programmers enjoy success after completing a team building initiative.

The Team Building Teachers and Facilitators are the best at delivering strategies, methods and fun as participants cheer for more.

Our group challenges are so well received and fun that we've nicknamed them "ground games". During debrief sessions, you will come to see what was really happening and what you can take away from the activity.

Our adult team building challenges work great for teen and high school groups as well as well as college students.

Nobody enjoys office team building, so why not be adventurous and schedule your outdoor High Trek Team Building Event today?

Who should use this Team Builder Service


On the corporate side, High Trek Teambuilders are good for companies, individual departments, management or leadership teams, or when cross company committees are learning about each other.


Team builders aren't just for adults in the professional world, but also for school students including college, high school and even middle school aged youth.


A High Trek Team Builder is a perfect opportunity to gel your sports team, and not just professional and collegiate sports teams.  If you are part of a high school, select, year round, or traveling league, you may want to consider booking a team building event.

Eight youth participate in a team building initiative with PVC pipes in hand.

Steps to a Great Team Builder

Pick a Package

Select from one of the Teambuilder packages above by determining the amount of time you want to spend on team building and on the course.

Complete the inquiry / quote request form below

Fill out the web form below with the details about your request.  We will then call you and discuss any special requests or ideas you may have regarding goals and the emphasis of your team builder.

Book the date

On the same call, we can book your reservation for that specific date.  You will receive an email receipt with a link you can send to the participants to fill out their waiver.  As long as they complete the waiver thru the link you provide, you will be able to see who has completed their waiver and who has not.

Team Builder Arrival

On the day of your team building event, arrive a half hour early.  This will allow us to resolve any remaining waivers and the check-in process.  Then we will be ready to begin the event.

How to Prepare

We've Got Your Back

Do review the information in this section, but also know that when you book a team building program, our staff will be in communication leading up to the day of event. We will pass on necessary steps to prepare several times.

How to be Best Prepared

  • Make a note of participants who have physical limitations that would prevent them from participating in our activities - this includes those with heart conditions, those with back and joint concerns, people who become lightheaded or faint easily, and those who are pregnant. These people should consult a doctor before participating and should be prepared to not climb the ropes course. We are happy to modify their activity so that they still have something to do!
  • Everyone should have a completed waiver before they arrive. Waivers are online and can be completed anytime before your program.
  • You are welcome to bring in food. Please communicate with us in advance about the timing of your meal. That way you're not 50 feet in the air when it's time to eat.
  • Wear close-toed shoes. They are a requirement for all of our activities.
  • Dress appropriately - you will be outside and active the entire time. Dress with layers as if you were going on a hike!
  • Please bring sunscreen as participants will be outside for a while!
  • Bring plenty of water, this is a high intensity physical day.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to make the most of your time.
  • Send a quick email to reviewing your team building goals so that you and your team builder are on the same page.


There are requirements for the ropes course that are not in place for team building.

Team Building Requirements:

  • Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate.
  • Those who have heart, joint, or back conditions or who are pregnant are welcome to participate but should consult a doctor before doing so.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Additional Ropes Course Requirements:

  • All participants must weigh between 30 and 265 pounds.
  • Those who have heart conditions or who are pregnant should not participate.
  • Participants must have a valid High Trek Everett waiver completed within the past 360 days. Waivers from other High Trek locations are not accepted.