Spring break Camps

Get your child off of their phone and out of the house!

We're excited to offer our first year of adventure camp for middle and high schoolers! This half-day camp is an excellent time for your child to socialize with friends while experiencing the best High Trek has to offer. The dates for our 2023 Camps is April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Camp is from 11:30a-2:30p.

Register in 4 steps

Our registration process uses two systems - one to process payment, one to gather information that helps us gather useful information about your camper. This can be a little confusing, so we've broken it into 4 easy steps.

1. Pay the registration fee

Click "Purchase Tickets" below. The online booking flow will prompt you to select a date and number of campers. It's okay if this information goes under a parent name.

2. Check your email

Look for two automated emails - a receipt and an email containing registration form links. These take up to 30 minutes to appear. Check your spam folder if you don't see them.

3. Complete registration forms

This takes less than 20 minutes. Forms can be completed on desktop or mobile. Thanks for helping us provide the best experience for your child.

4. Review the parent pack

This short pamphlet has lots of great information about our camping programs. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the policies within.

Completing all 4 of these steps guarantees that we will be ready for your camper upon arrival. If you are having any issues, please contact info@hightrekchelan.com.

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Middle & High School Spring Break Camp

April 3rd,4th,5th: 11:30am - 2:30pm. Check-in at 11:15am.

Spend the afternoon with us! Camp includes time socializing doing fun team building activities and 2 hours of climbing in the ropes course. Also included are the zip lines and free fall station of the ropes course.

Parents are welcome to stay or leave their kids to be supervised by our staff.

Per Day Per Camper
Ages 10 - 15
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What happens at camp?

To put it simply, a whole lot of fun! But if you want a little more information, we're happy to offer it. When campers arrive, everyone will be checked in. After a few introductions, campers will begin ground school. This is the preparatory step for the ropes course. After ground school, campers will have up to 90 minutes to climb in the ropes course. Following the ropes course, campers participate in a variety of fun camp games!

Many parents wander what campers can expect to take away from their Spring Break Camp experience. It's different for every camper, but here are a few of our favorite answers:
√ A new friend
√ Self-confidence from trying something new
√ A good night of sleep after all the fun they had
√ A day with no video games or YouTube videos

If you are seeking more information, look back up above, and you'll find the parent packet. This is the one-stop guide to a successful camp experience at High Trek. Look over the table of contents to find what you're looking for.

Is a High Trek camp the right fit?

Choosing a youth camp for your child can be a daunting task. Will it be the right fit?

We would love to believe that High Trek is the right fit for every child - but we're humble enough to know that's not the case. When deciding if a High Trek camp is the right fit for your child, consider these things:

If you'd like to discuss this decision with High Trek staff, email info@hightrekchelan.com.

How to Prepare

What to Wear

Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather.

Keep the following dress requirements in mind:

  • Shoes must cover climbers' toes and secure around the heel.
  • Leggings, shorts, or pants should be under dresses, skirts, and kilts.
  • Jackets and other layers may be worn under our gear.

What to Bring

  • Bring water and snacks if you would like. This is a physical activity!

What Not to Bring

  • Please leave any personal climbing equipment at home. Participants are required to use the equipment provided by High Trek.


  • All participants must weigh under 265lbs.
  • Participants must be able to reach up to 70 inches to climb the full course. Participants unable to reach this height should be accompanied by someone who can reach or purchase a first floor ticket.
  • Participants must be at least 7 years old to climb the full course. Participants ages 4-6 may climb the first floor.
  • Those who have heart conditions or who are pregnant should not participate.
  • Participants with joint and back conditions should consult a doctor before participating.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Participants must have a valid High Trek Chelan waiver completed within the past 360 days. Waivers from other High Trek locations are not transferrable. Click here to sign a waiver.